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Lead Teacher, Preschool

Minimum Professional Requirements:

  • 2 years of college or university credits in Education or Early Childhood Education including 6 semester hours related to child development — OR — Teaching certificate in Montessori Instruction (ages 3 to 6) or Early Childhood Education and Care
  • Equivalent of 1 school year of classroom experience in a school or child care center, not home school.  Experience should be in the United States, within the past 5 years.


  • Lay the foundations of an Islamic way of life for our students.
  • Create an engaging and nurturing environment by modeling respect and positive choices.
  • Implement a curriculum that includes the academic foundations of math, language, and the sciences, and centers on the growth and well-being of the whole child.
  • Collaborate with administration, staff, and parents. Respect and maintain confidentiality between staff, students, and parents.
  • Work during all contractual hours and at designated parent meetings, conferences, etc.
  •  Attend professional development opportunities and be involved in ICN FTS annual staff evaluation/review process.
  • Conference on a scheduled basis with families concerning their child.

Compensation and Time Commitment:

  • Full-time position with contractual hours as stated in the Teacher Handbook
  • Competitive salary and benefits commensurate to experience and educational background

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