Ms. Jabeen’s &

Ms. Zoya’s Pre-K Classrooms

School Supply List


Boys Girls
Flushable Wipes- pack of 2 Disinfectant wipes (big) – pack of 2
Playdoh- pack of 4 Crayola colored pencils- 1 box
Dry Erase Markers-thin-colored- 4 pack Ticonderoga- My first pencil-3.3mm point- 4
Crayola brand markers- 1 box Gallon size Ziploc Bags- 1 box
Jumbo Glue Sticks- Elmers brand- Pack of 4 Jumbo Glue Sticks- Elmers brand- Pack of 4
Crayola Crayons (set of 12) Baby Wipes- 1 pack


General Curriculum

Ms. Jabeen’s Curriculum Presentation

Ms. Zoya’s Curriculum Presentation

Pre-K scope and sequence

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Quran Memorization Curriculum

Quran Memorization Pre-K

Quran Mem Pic

Quran Reading and Tajweed Curriculum

curriculum map Quranic reading

quran reading

Islamic Studies Curriculum

FTS IS Curriculum

masjid an nabi