Kindergarten Supply List:

  1. Flushable Wipes- 1 pack & Ziploc Bags (gallon size)-Boys
  2. Ziploc Bags-Sandwich & quart – Girls
  3.  Ziploc Bags- Gallon -Boys
  4. Colored Pencils-12 pack ( Crayola brand, preferable with pink included)- 1 pack
  5. Elmer’s Glue Stick (JUMBO ONLY): 1 Pack of 4
  6. Journal Notebook- (used for journals-pages are blank on top half and have lines on the bottom half, (solid top line, dashed middle line and solid bottom line).
  7.  Spiral notebook-wide rule- not perforated 70 pages- 1
  8. Expo brand Thin dry erase markers-4
  9. Plastic Pocket folders with prongs-1

Required for all Students:

  • Uniform
  • Gym shoes on gym days
  • Backpack

General Curriculum

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Quran Memorization Curriculum

Quran Reading and Tajweed Curriculum

Islamic Studies Curriculum