Principal’s Newsletter 10/14/21

October is fire safety month.  Following fire safety lessons last week, we had our first fire drill of the school year this week, al hamdulillah!
Here are a few important reminders about carpool:  

– Doors are opened for carpool at 8:10am each morning.  Please ensure that you arrive in time for your child to get to class by 8:30.  Assembly is not optional and is an important part of the day.- Please be respectful of others’ time during drop off and pick up and have your child ready to go in the morning.  Masks should be on, but if occasionally they are not on, the student should carry it with them and put it on when they reach the sidewalk.- 

Caregivers or other family members who drop off / pick up your child should also be made aware of this.- There are many grandparents who drop / pick up the students as well.  We should all remember that they are doing the best they can.  Let’s be patient if they seem to take more time than anticipated.- Regardless of who is in the carpool, we remind and request Parents, grandparents, caregivers, and others to be courteous and safe.  If it is necessary to drive around another vehicle please do so slowly and with caution. 

We thank our families for already being safe and courteous, but reminders are necessary and helpful from time to time.

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!

Principal’s Newsletter 9/30/21

As salaamu ‘alaikum ICN Noor Academy Families

We’ve all heard about the importance of starting your day off right.  A morning routine is something that brings focus, reduces stress, and sets the tone for the rest of the day.  As muslims we have the advantage of knowing that starting the day by remembering our relationship with Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’aala is something that will bring that focus and peace and barakah to the day.

At school we start the day with morning assembly.  We recite Surah al Fatihah and then recite the meaning in English so that we may be intentional about this beautiful affirmation, and know that Allah is there to guide and help us through our day.

Please make sure your child arrives at school on time so that he or she does not miss the assembly, and can start the day focussed and content.  This small thing makes a big impact.

Next week is fire safety week!  We will be talking about and practicing ways to be safe in case of fire, wherever you are.  We will also practice the safest way to get out of the school building in case there is a fire, Allah forbid.  InshaAllah the following week we will have our first fire drill of the school year.

It has been our school tradition to bring sadaqah on Fridays.  InshaAllah this year we intend for our sadaqah to go to Lifeusa for their water projects, to provide communities all over the world with clean drinking water.  If we collect $3000 this year, it would be enough for a simple hand dug well.  $8000 is enough for a deep artesian well.  So, don’t miss this chance to earn sadaqah jariyah!

Thank you, salaam, and have a wonderful weekend.

Principal’s Newsletter 9/23/21

As salaamu ‘alaikum ICN Noor Academy Families,
It was such a pleasure seeing the students all dressed up for picture day yesterday.  It went smoothly, al hamdulillah, thanks to our dedicated volunteers.  MashaAllah our 10 helpers were Zoya Jakvani, Nilofer Akikwala, Amna Babar, Maliha Afridi, Raima Shaikh, Faiza Noman, Suboohi Tahir, Rafiya Qadri, Nadia Awan, and Mehnaaz Khan.  Thank you for your time for doing a great job with the kids.

Please order the portraits by visiting and entering your picture day ID and security code, which is printed on the proof envelope that was sent home on Tuesday.  The deadline to order is September 28th.  Photos will be delivered to the school and sent home with your children.

Looks like the cooler weather was right on schedule with the first day of fall!  Remember to dress your children in layers so they can be comfortable both indoors and outdoors at recess and carpool time.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Principal’s Newsletter 9/16/21

As salaamu ‘alaikum ICN Noor Academy Families,

Picture day is scheduled for next Wednesday!

  • Forms to select the background will be sent home in the folders today.  Please send them back to your class teacher any time between tomorrow and Wednesday.
  • Sibling photos will be taken for brothers and sisters who are also enrolled at Noor Academy.
  • All orders will be placed on line by parents.  Ordering information will be on the proof envelopes.
  • Thank you for the volunteers who have signed up as helpers that day!

The school online store is still open, so don’t forget to check out the fall line up of cozy pajamas and other items!  The school store link is and can also be accessed from the lower section of the school’s homepage at

InshaAllah, COVID testing for all staff and students will be on Thursday afternoons starting this week.  We have been working with the provider to iron out any wrinkles in communicating test results to registered families.  If you do not receive an email from National Clinical Labs after 72 hours please contact the school office.  The school will be alerted immediately about any positive tests and can contact the affected families.

NOTE:  Please check your spam / junk folders for emails from National Clinical Labs first, and make sure you unblock them if needed.

Thank you, salaam, and have a wonderful weekend!

Principal’s Newsletter 9/10/21

As salaamu ‘alaikum ICN Noor Academy Families,

Al hamdulillah we completed our first day of COVID19 testing at school this Wednesday.  We thank everyone who has registered with Freecovidcare (via QR code) and turned in the COVID Waiver to the school office.  Regular testing is one extra layer of mitigation that can help rule out COVID and help students stay in school.  Our current health policy requires students to stay home when showing any symptoms of illness, since the range of symptoms associated with this virus is broad.  Although students who are sick with the flu or cold should also stay home to protect others, we hope testing will help us define those boundaries a bit more clearly and modify the health policy if needed.

Picture day is coming up on Wednesday, September 22.  Picture day is a non-uniform day.  Information and forms from Lifetouch will be sent home next week ان شاء الله.

And finally, a reminder about carpool, and a humble request.  Please have your child ready to go before the teacher approaches your vehicle in the morning.  This means, mask on, and backpack next to the child.  If a mask should come off during that time, the child can exit the car and put it back on when they get to the sidewalk.  This really helps the line to keep moving without people driving around other cars, and it helps the school staff to finish carpool in time to get back to the classrooms to start the day.  Regardless of whether you are a Carpool Master, or a scrambling through a rough morning, we thank you for your cooperation!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thank you and salaam,

Principal’s Newsletter 9/2/21

As salaamu ‘alaikum ICN Noor Academy Families,

Keeping students in school is a priority this year, and we are working to also keep them and the school staff safe from this pandemic.  It can feel inconvenient to be vigilant about keeping your children home even if they are just “a little under the weather,” however, because the pandemic is not quite behind us, it is more important than ever to be conservative.

We would like to remind all families to keep children home from school if they are showing signs of illness.  Especially in young children, the combination of runny noses and masks make the spread of germs easy.  The start of weekly testing can help rule out COVID-19 from other respiratory illnesses, but we request parents to error the side of caution and keep students and siblings home when showing symptoms of illness.  Thank you to everyone who has been doing their part at home!

To report your child absent please email with the following information:

student’s name

student’s grade / teacher

your name (parent)

reason for absence (symptoms if sick, or vacation, etc.)

InshaAllah weekly screening for COVID-19 will begin next week.  We thank all those who have completed the registration process and submitted the waiver to the office, and remind everyone else to complete this by end of day tomorrow.

There is no school Monday as we observe Labor Day.  Have a fantastic long weekend!

Thank you and salaam,

Principal’s Newsletter 8/26/21

As salaamu ‘alaikum ICN Noor Academy Families,

It is almost the end of the first full week of school!  At home and at school, we are all adjusting to new schedules and new routines, and although there is often some discomfort during this early hustle-and-bustle, we are grateful for the cooperation and feedback from our school families. InshaAllah, things will become increasingly smooth as the weeks go by.

The following are some important reminders, to keep things going smoothly.


Backpacks, masks, etc. must be ready to go at drop off time. Please keep the goodbye’s short and sweet> If the line is being delayed for the above reasons, teachers will ask you to park and bring your child in after the carpool ends.** A word of caution:  we have observed that often separation anxiety is more intense when a parent walks a child to the building, as opposed to driving through the carpool line.


If your child is sent home with a fever of 100 degrees or higher, please take them to the pediatrician to be checked, and tested for COVID, or cleared to come back to school with a note.  Relatively little is still known about the nature of this virus in younger children, so we must be conservative.> Excessively runny noses, especially in younger children, make it difficult to keep their masks on.  Often the masks get soaked even after being changed.  If you notice your child has a very runny nose or a lot of sneezing please keep them home and let them rest.

ONLINE: Logging in from home is an option only for those who must quarantine.  A couple of missed school days due to minor illness do not require remote attendance.> Once the WebEx platform is ready, virtual links for each classroom will be published.  InshaAllah we hope to have these ready by the end of next week.


Sept 6:  NO SCHOOL- Labor Day>

Sept 22: Picture Day

Thank you and salaam.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Principal’s Newsletter 8/19/21

As salaamu ‘alaikum ICN Noor Academy Families,

I hope this newsletter finds you all in the best of health and iman, and I welcome you back to school for the 2021-22 academic year.  Although we have some experience under our belts with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year brings some new uncertainties. We pray to Allah SWT that He guides us in the choices we must make as we move forward.
We hope you found orientation to be helpful.  For your reference, the slides can be found at the following link:

Other important reminders:
Getting used to wearing a mask all day takes time and practice!  If your child is reluctant to wear a mask, you can help by telling them it is the most important thing to protect them and others from getting sick, and modeling and practicing at home or when you go out with them.  Thank you for your cooperation.
Please remember to put the car seat on the DRIVER’S SIDE of the vehicle so your children can enter and exit safely and quickly, and please have backpacks ready to grab and go during morning carpool.

Reminder: The first tuition payment will be charged on August 25th.

Thank you, salaam, and have a wonderful weekend!