Principal’s Newsletter 5/26/22

As salaamu ‘alaikum ICN Noor Academy Families,

MashaAllah, our school earned $232 from the Andy’s Custard fundraising day.  Thank you all for your support!  InshaAllah this money will be toward the purchase of new books for the school library.

The last day of school is on Tuesday, June 7th.  It is a full day.

Congratulations Kindergarteners!  KG Graduation (KG families only) will be on June 8th.  Ms. Juvaria will send timing and details for the graduation to the graduates’ families.

School is ending soon but a great way to meet up over the summer is the ICN Bazaar on Saturday,  June 11th.  Please see the attached flyer for details.

Finally, a word on the school shooting in Uvalde Texas two days ago.  The helplessness we feel is hard to express in words, especially as we see these things happen over and over again.  We pray for the families and grieve with them.  We reassure our school families that the security policies that we have in place are adhered to, and that we keep contact with the Naperville Police Department.  However in the end, it seems that we continue to find ways to deal with the problem while the root causes of gun violence are not being tackled.  I know that some parents have reached out to each other to discuss what additional layers of protection can be implemented.  Some of you have reached out to me also.  I would be glad to contribute my thoughts as a school administrator as well if anyone is interested.  In the end, we must remember that nothing happens without the Will of Allah SWT and thus, we pray to Him first for protection.

Below is an article with tips about discussing the news with our children.

Thank you and have a great weekend.

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