Principal’s Newsletter 12/2/21

As salaamu ‘alaikum ICN Noor Academy Families!
SubhanAllah!  Wow — Thank you all for creating such excitement around the fundraising competition these past couple weeks!  Between the bake sales, cookie decorating, snack cart, pizza, and portrait give-away we have had so much fun.  Special thanks to those who organized these events on such short notice, and another special thanks to all those who made generous contributions towards their classroom.  May Allah accept from all of us and grant us hasanaat that will continue for generations to come, ameen!
Competition ends tomorrow at noon. Here are today’s stats:

Remember, the raffle for a free family portrait is still on until tomorrow, when the winner’s name will be drawn inshaAllah!  To enter, Zelle (please add your full name and include ICN 248th on the note section). $10 1 ticket; $17 2 tickets.
The free COVID-19  vaccine clinic is taking place today from 2pm until 4pm in the gym.  This is for children 5 through 12, as well as adults.  You can still register until 2pm at
If you have registered please sign your child out from the office between 2 and 2:30pm, then proceed to the gym to get a vaccine.  Or, wait until 3pm, park in the parking lot (not the carpool), and pick up your child at the door.
There will be no change to the carpool, except for the new, extended path that we have been using starting this week.  In order to avoid traffic build-up on the entry road, please continue to use this route from now on.  It’s important to make an extra effort to quickly buckle your children in and exit the parking lot.

NOTE: If you have any questions related to weekly COVID testing or results, you may contact Amber Syed from FreeCovidCare at 630-344-2108.

Thank you, salaam, and have a wonderful weekend!

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