Principal’s Newsletter 9/10/21

As salaamu ‘alaikum ICN Noor Academy Families,

Al hamdulillah we completed our first day of COVID19 testing at school this Wednesday.  We thank everyone who has registered with Freecovidcare (via QR code) and turned in the COVID Waiver to the school office.  Regular testing is one extra layer of mitigation that can help rule out COVID and help students stay in school.  Our current health policy requires students to stay home when showing any symptoms of illness, since the range of symptoms associated with this virus is broad.  Although students who are sick with the flu or cold should also stay home to protect others, we hope testing will help us define those boundaries a bit more clearly and modify the health policy if needed.

Picture day is coming up on Wednesday, September 22.  Picture day is a non-uniform day.  Information and forms from Lifetouch will be sent home next week ان شاء الله.

And finally, a reminder about carpool, and a humble request.  Please have your child ready to go before the teacher approaches your vehicle in the morning.  This means, mask on, and backpack next to the child.  If a mask should come off during that time, the child can exit the car and put it back on when they get to the sidewalk.  This really helps the line to keep moving without people driving around other cars, and it helps the school staff to finish carpool in time to get back to the classrooms to start the day.  Regardless of whether you are a Carpool Master, or a scrambling through a rough morning, we thank you for your cooperation!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thank you and salaam,

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