Principal’s Newsletter 9/2/21

As salaamu ‘alaikum ICN Noor Academy Families,

Keeping students in school is a priority this year, and we are working to also keep them and the school staff safe from this pandemic.  It can feel inconvenient to be vigilant about keeping your children home even if they are just “a little under the weather,” however, because the pandemic is not quite behind us, it is more important than ever to be conservative.

We would like to remind all families to keep children home from school if they are showing signs of illness.  Especially in young children, the combination of runny noses and masks make the spread of germs easy.  The start of weekly testing can help rule out COVID-19 from other respiratory illnesses, but we request parents to error the side of caution and keep students and siblings home when showing symptoms of illness.  Thank you to everyone who has been doing their part at home!

To report your child absent please email with the following information:

student’s name

student’s grade / teacher

your name (parent)

reason for absence (symptoms if sick, or vacation, etc.)

InshaAllah weekly screening for COVID-19 will begin next week.  We thank all those who have completed the registration process and submitted the waiver to the office, and remind everyone else to complete this by end of day tomorrow.

There is no school Monday as we observe Labor Day.  Have a fantastic long weekend!

Thank you and salaam,

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