Principal’s Newsletter 5/27/21

As Salaamu ‘Alaikum ICN Noor Academy Families,
The end of this school year is just around the corner, subhanAllah!  Here are a few dates to keep in mind regarding the end of this year and the outlook for summer and fall.

  • The last day of school is Thursday, June 10th.
  • Kindergarten graduation information will be sent to KG families next week.
  • Report cards will be issued by Monday, June 21st.
  • We may offer a brief summer camp during July, however it is not confirmed just yet. Any dates and details will be published on ICN social media as soon as available.
  • Parent orientation for the 2021-22 academic year will be August 11 through 13.
  • The first day of school for the 2021-22 academic year will be on August 18.

A return to in-person instruction is expected in the fall, inshaAllah.  Schools will no longer be required to accommodate online instruction unless a medical need can be proved. The State Superintendent will release a full declaration regarding this after the conclusion of this academic year, in a couple of weeks.
Illinois schools have been told to let our families know that all eligible persons are encouraged to get the COVID-19 vaccine.  Policies and procedures about self certification and quarantine, etc. will be worked out over the summer as communicated prior to the beginning of school.  Thus far, masks will still be required by Illinois schools in the fall.  Below please a list of frequently asked questions that was published by the Illinois State Board of Education:
FAQ’s regarding in-person schooling

That latest attacks by Israel on Palestine remind us that this it is important for our children to have a correct understanding about the history and importance of this situation, and why it is especially significant for us as Muslms.  Whereas there are resources available for addressing middle schoolers and up, there are not many for addressing this important topic for elementary students.  One such resource is being offered by Noor Kids.  The discussion is framed around history, identifying what injustice is, and lessons we can learn from the Quran regarding how to help those who are being oppressed.
Noor Kids is hosting a one hour webinar tonight, designed to address children ages 5 to 12, with special guest speaker Linda Sarsour.  The registration link is below, for any family who would like to attend.
Noor Kids Registration link

We pray to Allah SWT, the most Merciful and Loving, to alleviate the difficulties our brothers and sisters are experiencing in Palestine and in all other places, and to free them from their oppressors.
Thank you and salaam,

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