Information and Documents Regarding March 22nd Hybrid Instruction

As Salaamu ‘Alaikum ICN Noor Academy Families,

This message includes information for remote and hybrid families.  It is our pleasure to welcome back those students who are able to return for hybrid learning (and also our pleasure to safely continue online learning for those who prefer it at this time).
Monday, March 22nd will inshaAllah be the first day of hybrid instruction at ICN Noor Academy.  The switch to hybrid learning will affect all student schedules.

Required:  Parents of hybrid students, please read the attached waiver, and submit the signed document to the office by March 22 (signed hard copy or signed and scanned via email).

Please click HERE for the Waiver.


Drop off:  8:15 a.m. Pick up:  12:40 p.m. New class schedules including Quran timings will be sent to you by your teacher, and also published on the “remote learning” page of the school website starting next week.
Pre-K students will have all subjects between 8:30am and 12:30pm, including online Quran.
Elementary (K and up) students will have all subjects between 8:30 am and 12:30 pm, but Quran class will be scheduled online during the afternoon.


Drop off and Pick up will be via CARPOOL ONLY.  On Monday morning when you drop off your child, you will be given your carpool ID card. 
In order to ensure carpool is  safe, timely, and respectful, please observe the following rules:-  Follow ONLY the one-way route shown in the attached map.  Enter from the traffic light and exit right onto Ogden from the parking lot.-  Display or tape the carpool ID card in the driver side window so it is visible to our staff-  Install your child’s car seat on the DRIVER SIDE of the vehicle-  When dropping off, make sure your child’s backpack and any other items are ready and in reach before the teacher opens the door-  At morning drop off time the teacher will ask to see your cleared symptoms screening (see next section on “Self Certification.”)-  At pick up time, ICN staff will NOT fasten your child’s seat belt / car seat belt.  You must exit the vehicle to buckle your child in, unless your child is able to securely fasten the belt.


The CDC no longer requires symptoms screening be performed on site, however, a self certification must be conducted before leaving home.The self certification app we will use is called CLEARANCE 19. Please download the app onto your smartphone and click the link below and follow instructions to join our school.Clearance 19 Sign Up Link:
Follow the instructions to create an account, and add your student.Each morning answer the screening questions and click submit.  If your student is cleared, just show the teacher your “clear” screen with today’s date at drop off time.

Pre-K Z and Pre-K J students will be merging into one class schedule.Don’t worry, Ms. Zoya, Ms. Jabeen, and Ms. Farah will all still be there to teach and care for your Pre-K children!

The new class schedule will be sent to you by your current class teacher, for both hybrid and online students.
We appreciate  your attention to these matters.  For your information here is a link to the latest health standards from the Illinois State Board of Education.  We look forward to the transition next week, and ask for your patience as we all work together through any wrinkles during the transition.

Thank you and salaam,

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