August 29, 2022

ICN Noor Academy prioritizes the health and well-being of our students and staff.  In the wake of the 2020-21 school year, after having experienced online, hybrid and in-person learning through the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have learned that personal interactions with teachers and peers is an integral part of students’ learning and well-being.

For this reason, our hope is to maintain in-person instruction as much as safely possible this year, inshaAllah.  To preserve a safe in-person environment, it is imperative that multiple layers of mitigation strategies are in place.  We recognize that varying needs and preferences exist among our school families, however, our responsibility is to ensure the safety of all students and staff by asking for your full cooperation in following the policies that have been outlined.  

Although the completed vaccinations are at 50.8% in Illinois, and 59.3% in DuPage County, the delta variant is still spreading, and children under 12 have not yet been vaccinated.  The COVID-19 policy for this fall is as follows.  If circumstances change, policies will be changed as needed, based on CDC recommendations, ISBE guidelines, and resources available to our school.


  • Face coverings will be optional for all students and teachers while indoors.
  • Access into the building during school hours for parents and visitors will be limited for the safety of our students and staff. 
  • Drop off and pick-up will be via carpool. 
  • For late pickups, drop offs and early pick-ups, parents will need to come inside to sign their child in or out. 
  • Building will be closed to public access except during Dhuhr prayers. Musallis will be limited to the Main Prayer Hall. 
  • Daily cleaning services will be scheduled after Fajr prayers on school days 
  • Lunch and snack will be inside the classrooms.


  • Students with a fever of 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit or higher may not attend school (regardless of the appearance of any symptoms). 
  • If a student becomes sick, parents must arrange for him or her to be picked up as soon as possible. 
  • Students exhibiting symptoms of a respiratory illness, diarrhea, or vomiting may not attend school until the symptoms have cleared for a full 24 hours.
  • A pediatrician’s note (or negative covid PCR test) clears the student of  respiratory disease or infection before returning to school, for students who have been sick with fever and other symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, coughing,  respiratory infection, or other infection for more than 1 day. This includes students who exhibit mild symptoms such as sneezing that are due to allergies. 
  • We ask that children be monitored closely at home. 
  • If a student tests positive for COVID-19, they will be required to quarantine at home for 5 days. Upon returning to school, students will be required to wear a mask for an additional 5 days. 
  • Parents of students who have been in close contact with an infected student will be informed if they also need to quarantine and for how long. Those in close contact may be tested after the 3rd day of contact and depending on the results, may need to also quarantine for 5 days at home before returning to school. 
  • Students who refuse to wear a mask or are not able to wear a mask must provide a doctor’s note with official evidence of a medical reason which exempts the child from wearing a mask. 

When will students be sent home? 

  • Students with a temperature of 100 degrees F or above will be sent home. 
  • Students who are coughing, sneezing, vomiting, or have excessive runny noses will be asked to go home. Parents will need to pick up their child. 
  • If a student is sent home for common cold symptoms such as runny nose or coughing, the school will ask parents for updates on the student’s condition. If a fever or other flu-like symptoms develop and a student is home for more than 2 days, they will be required to take a PCR test not  a “rapid” test and submit a negative test.   

*ICN Noor Academy will follow CDC guidelines regarding Covid. Please visit https://www.cdc.gov/ for more details.*


Students who have traveled internationally or domestically will be required to mask for 5 days upon returning to school. If any student is showing signs of illness such as fever, sneezing, developing a rash, coughing or runny nose, please keep the student at home until they are feeling better and/or their temperature has returned to normal without medication. 


Families are urged to get vaccines for all household members who are at the age to get vaccinated.