Principal’s Newsletter 12/17/20

SubhanAllah, it’s been an unprecedented fall semester to say the least, but it’s already almost finished!
The last day of class will be today, and during the second week of winter break, you should receive first semester report cards.
Although ICN is reopening the Ogden building for Salah in a couple of days, our school will remain online through January.  By mid January, if we feel the board can support the school’s cleaning and safety plan, we will reach out to parents and ask your preference about online and hybrid instruction.
Also in January we will communicate information about registration for next fall, including elementary grades that will be offered.  We do intend to continue offering Pre-K through 2nd, and will inform you of a decision about 3rd grade.  Those who would enroll in 3rd grade if we are able to offer it please reach out to us and let us know. This is, of course, is one of the key factors in helping us make the decision.
Finally, today is PORTO’S FUNDRAISER DAY!  We hope to see many of our students between 5 and 7 pm today.  Below is the list of teachers who will be at each location during those times.  With this event, we can end the semester on a cheery note inshaAllah!
Aurora: Ms. Jabeen , Ms. Naila, Ms. Farah, Ms. Fatima
Bolingbrook: Ms. Shazia, Ms. Sakina (6:30 to 7 only), Ms. ZoyaMs. Mehmooda
Have a safe and wonderful weekend, a safe and wonderful winter break, and iA see you on January 4th, 2021!

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