Principal’s Newsletter 11/19/20

We hope everyone is safe and well.  Parent teacher conferences are next week.  If you have not done so already, please sign up for them via the Class Tag invitations sent to you by your classroom teacher.  Parents will speak to the class teacher, and the Quran and Islamic Studies teachers during the same time slot.
As a reminder, Pre-K will only have classes on Tuesday, and Kindergarten, first, and second graders will only have class on Monday.  There will be no special subject classes next week.
The Noor Academy PTC has arranged an online Islamic Book fair in the last week of November.  To make it even sweeter, they will also be taking pre-orders of hot chocolate so you can pick up your books and your cozy beverage together!  More details on ordering are soon to come inshaAllah.
I would like to thank the students who have sent video responses to the questions asked during the assembly.  It’s all about you, guys – our school spirit is our student spirit!
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.  Wassalaamu ‘alaikum.

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