Principal’s Newsletter 9/24/20

As Salaamu ‘Alaikum ICN Noor Academy Families,
MashaAllah, as I’ve dropped into a few classes this week, I’ve seen some really great things!  Students are participating in discussions, teachers are trying new things to bring purposeful interaction into the virtual classroom such as a teacher taking the camera outside on a mini field trip to observe the autumn leaves, observing the details of collected leaves on the document camera to discuss the role of chlorophyll in leaf color, and a students participating in a literacy discussion using their own whiteboards.

To the teachers who work hard to keep things meaningful and fun, to the students who show up on time with a smile, and to the parents who are working to support learning from home – thank you all!  It is by working together in our respective roles as educator, and parents that we can truly achieve student success.  Of course you knew that already, but here are some tips about how you can help even more.


  1. All homework assignments are required.  Please remind your child to complete them.  Homework is essential in providing practice for things introduced in class, for developing self discipline and problem solving skills, for preparing for a discussion in the next class, and connecting school learning to the children’s real world.
  1. Allow your children to solve problems on their own during class and with homework.  To truly help a child’s mind grow, it is important to allow the child to struggle a bit and try to remember, or solve a problem on their own before providing them with the answer.  The objective, as we tell our students, is to “become better learners.”  This will help them go far beyond just storing up knowledge.
  2. Try to keep the background clear during classes.  Remember, everyone who is attending can see everything going on behind the students while on camera, so avoiding a lot of “traffic” in view of the camera will minimize distractions and also protect your privacy.


We are so excited to add Art back into the mix.  Starting this week, Ms. Shazia will post art videos for each class on Seesaw.  Students can watch the videos and send in photos or videos of their work directly in Seesaw, like their other assignments.  We look forward to seeing our students’ creativity in action!
Thank you, salaam, and have a great weekend!

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