Principal’s Newsletter 9/10/20

As salaamu ‘alaikum ICN Noor Academy parents,
Al hamdulillah, the first full week of school is complete.  We enjoyed meeting the students and hope that we all increase our stamina for online learning, we will continue to grow and enjoy this journey together inshaAllah.
There are a few important things that I would like to say about remote learning as we move forward.
Security: Since our meeting links are posted on the website, it is necessary to protect the Remote Learning page with a password in order to prevent unauthorized access.  This password will be emailed to you so please be on the lookout for it.

Online Rules of EngagementIn order to maintain an environment where all participants feel respected and are able to benefit, it is important to take the following measures.- 

Respect – Parents, please avoid speaking out during classes.- 

Communication – Please do not hesitate to contact the teacher with questions or concerns outside of class times.  They are happy to talk to you and help out as needed!- 

Information – be sure to read all communication from school, including emails and Class Tag messages / announcements.  Be sure to check the Seesaw inbox for each of your child’s classes to see teachers’ instructions for the coming week- 

Space – Try to have a designated space at home that is free of distractions and noise.- 

Prepare – Help your child to keep their toolkits ready before class and have the class schedule queued up.
Covering – all of our teachers observe the Islamic hijab, including covering the head and in some cases, part of the face as well.  We understand that both moms and dads may be helping at home by attending classes with their children, and hope that all participants will exercise appropriate  etiquette in this regard.
Undeniably, there is a lot of stress associated with online learning for all stakeholders – students, parents, and educators alike.  It is important to recognize that everyone is doing the best they can under these un-ideal circumstances, so thank you all for having the patience, positivity and sheer courage to take all this on!  May Allah accept all our efforts and continue to light the way for us.  Have a wonderful weekend! 

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