Principal’s Newsletter 3/26/20

Muniba Ali
Thu, Mar 26, 5:50 PM
to farhana

As Salaamu ‘Alaikum ICN Noor Academy Families,

When I first realized we would be required to move school to an on line platform, I was very worried about losing that sense of connection and community.  However, over the past two weeks I have seen our school family light up Class Dojo by sharing not just homework, but all the fun things that are going on at home, too!  Thank you for sharing your recitations, your baking endeavors, your academic accomplishments, greetings, and things you did just for fun!  And thank you also, to those of you who also might have shared questions and concerns.

Next week is Spring Break, and while families take a pause, teachers and staff will plan for what is ahead.  InshaAllah, starting the following week, assignments and other communications will continue to be shared on Class Dojo, and in addition there will be scheduled live sessions for each classroom using Webex.  We ask for your patience once again, as we work through any technical glitches we may initially encounter.
The first of these sessions will be tomorrow morning.  Please be on the lookout tonight for WebEx invitations from your classroom teachers tonight.

 I would also like to take a moment simply to recognize all our teachers and TA’s.  They, like everyone else, were given the notice of a few hours to adjust their entire set of lesson plans to a remote format, learn new technology, make and send homework packets, and begin planning for Monday.  As much as I am grateful to all of you for your patience and cooperation, I am also grateful to them, for rising to the occasion.
Hope to see you on line tomorrow ان شاء الله!
Thank you and salaam,
Muniba AliPrincipalICN Noor

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