From The Principal’s Desk

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As Salaamu ‘Alaikum FTS Families,
Welcome back from spring break!  I hope you all enjoyed your vacations and “stay-cations” last week.
I asked your input about security at our school this week.  Thank you for responding with your honest feedback and your suggestions.  InshaAllah I will convey your messages to the board this weekend.  Allow me to also tell you the measures we currently take toward security.  FTS has an active shooter policy.  We receive ALICE training (and refreshers) from the Naperville Police Department.  We do our best to monitor who enters and exits the building during school hours,and try to enforce that Musallis come during Salah timings only, however, since the property is used as a masjid as well as a school, we must be extra cautious in monitoring this.  Again, I will take your questions to the authorities, who will better be able to address cost implications, logistics, community needs, etc.
We also ask you to support us in matters of security by doing the following:
– Drop off your student on time between 8:15 and 8:30 every day
– call in early pick-ups ahead of time
– do not enter the building before dismissal time to use the bathroom for yourself or  younger children
– please ask authorized pick up persons not to be offended if the teacher asks their name.  Not all teachers or substitutes will know or recognize each child’s parents.
– if someone else is picking up your child, please email or call the school ahead of time to let us know.
– report any suspicious vehicles or persons to myself or Ms. Farhana.
We pray that by Allah’s mercy and protection we never have to face an active shooter situation, and in the event that we do, May Allah protect us and guide us to take the necessary steps to protect those under our care.
Have a great weekend, wassalaamu ‘Alaikum.
Thursday, April 11:  Parent Teacher Conferences, Evening (Sign ups have been sent)
Friday, April 12:  NO SCHOOL – Parent Teacher Conferences, Morning
Thusday, April 18:  Preschool Bake Sale (pre order forms will be sent home today – please return them by next Thursday)
Friday, April 26: NO SCHOOL – School Improvement Day
Open House for those interested in the 75th Street Location is next Tuesday evening.  We request that anyone who plans on attending registers via the following link:
Enrollment for Fall 2019 is open.  Registration fees for currently enrolled families can be deferred until June.
Muniba Ali
ICN Full Time School
open registration 2019-20

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