From the Principal’s Desk

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As Salaamu ‘Alaikum FTS Families,
Welcome back!  We hope all our families enjoyed a fun, safe, and healthy winter break.  I would like to pause at this mid year point to express gratitude for the blessings, successes and even challenges that have helped us grow together as a team of parents and educators.  I hope and pray that you feel equally a part of this special team, and that Allah blesses us with unity and many successes in the months to come.  With these sentiments we begin the second semester of the school year.  There are lots of events coming up so hold on to your hats – It’s going to feel fast!
Wednesday, January 16:  Open House
     – Information about changes in Pre-K program (mixed age, 2-year program, additional classroom at ICN 75th St.)
     – Registration opens for Fall 2019
     – This event is open to the public, so you may invite anyone you know who is considering preschool and Kindergarten for their children
     – Facebook Link:
Friday, January 18:  Kindergarten Muffins With Mom
Monday, January 21:  NO SCHOOL – Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Tuesday, January 22 through Friday, January 25:  SPIRIT WEEK.  Stay tuned for details
Thursday, February 14:  Pre-K Bake Sale
Thank you for keeping your children home if they are sick or possibly contagious.  Please keep school health guidelines in mind as we continue going through cold and flu season.
There have been no reported cases of headlice since returning to school after winter break.  However, because there was a report a week prior to the break, I am sending a reminder to check for lice and nits as a precautionary measure.  Although head lice do not carry disease, nor are they caused by “dirty” hair, they can be a nuisance.
Center for Disease Control information on headlice
Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!
Muniba Ali
ICN Full Time School

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