From the Principal’s Desk

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As Salaamu ‘Alaikum FTS Families,
We had the first fire drill of the school year today, and al hamdulillah, everyone made it out of the building safely, calmly, and in good time.  Thanks to the teachers for preparing all week, and thanks to you all, who may have covered the topic at home.
Parent teacher conferences are next Thursday and Friday.  Although these conferences are brief, they provide the best chance to get together for a one on one with your child’s teacher and talk about your child’s progress and goals.  This teamwork is essential to each student’s success at school, so we hope to see you all next week, inshaAllah.
During conferences, the Islamic Book Fair will also be going on, so please feel free to browse the books and games from IQRA, while you are waiting for your conference appointments.  Remember that specials teachers will also be available to meet on a walk-in basis in the conference room.
Thank you and have a great weekend!  Wassalaamu ‘Alaikum.
Thursday Oct 25 and Friday, Oct 26 – Parent Teacher Conferences and Islamic Book Fair
Friday, Oct 26 – NO SCHOOL – Parent Teacher Conferences
Thursday, November 8 – Kindergarten Bake Sale
For anyone who has not turned in immunization records (and vision and dental for Kindergarten) please complete these and submit them to the office right away.  FTS will withhold all transfer of student records, unless these documents are submitted.

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