From The Principal’s Desk

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As Salaamu ‘Alaikum FTS Parents,

Permission slips for the field trip went home today and mashaAllah we already have a lot of parents who are interested in being chaperones!  Please be aware of the following sign up procedures and guidelines of being a chaperone:

  • Kindergarten will be assigned 3 chaperones, Pre-K will be assigned 4 chaperones, Preschool will be assigned 3 chaperones
  • Chaperones are taken on a first come, first serve basis.  Permission slips that are turned in completed, signed, and with payment will be accepted as chaperone requests.
  • Chaperones may not bring siblings or other children in their care.
  • Because our students and teachers may fill up the bus to capacity, we may ask chaperones to drive to the farm and meet us in the parking lot.
  • Parents who simply want to join the fun are welcome to go through the main entrance and meet our group inside the farm.  Please note, that you would enter through the main gate and pay entrance fees independently.  If coming independently, you may bring siblings.
  • If you would like to sign your child out, you may request this of your classroom teacher (not the chaperone parent).  If you sign your child out, you will be responsible for your child’s safety, and transportation, but you would also be free to walk around with the school group.

We hope to have a safe, fun day at Johansen Farm — students, teachers, chaperones, guests, and all inshaAllah!


Wednesday, October 3:  Bus Drill

There is a state mandated bus evacuation drill for all students (regardless of whether or not they are regular bus riders) that is scheduled for next Wednesday morning.  This will be conducted by the trained staff of First Student, our bus service provider.  It takes about 20 minutes per class.

Monday, October 8:  Columbus Day – NO SCHOOL

Thursday, October 11:  Field Trip – Johansen Farm

Thursday, October 24:  Fall Parent Teacher Conferences – sign ups will begin about two weeks prior to conferences.


Nappers’ sleeping bags were sent home today.  Please wash them and send them back on Monday

Please observe the traffic pattern and go around the second lane at morning drop off time.  Parking is not allowed in the handicap spaces or in the spaces with traffic cones.

Thank you and have a great weekend!  Wassalaamu ‘Alaikum.

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