From the Principal’s Desk

As Salaamu ‘Alaikum FTS Families,
It is beautiful to see the students, especially our new friends, making themselves more comfortable at school, al hamdulillah!  Remember this is a big step for our little ones, so it’s ok to go through a little discomfort as we learn to understand and deal with new feelings and surroundings.  MashaAllah, though, they’re coming right along!
The following are upcoming events and reminders.
Friday, September 7:  PTC Meeting & Coffee Social
PTC is a great way to work together to enrich our students’ school experience, and also create some lasting bonds between students and parents as well!  You are welcome to join us, even if you forgot to fill out a PTC form.  We will meet at 10 a.m. in the conference room.
Friday, September 14:  Deadline to turn in immunization, dental, and vision records
Thursday, September 20:  Picture Day by Lifetouch.
No uniforms required – dress up fancy-schmancy!  Forms for picture day will be sent home next Thursday inshaAllah.
Please be vigilant about parking lot safety!  If you are driving, please watch your speed and drive around to the second lane when turning into the parking lot.
Please walk your child all the way to the door and open it for them.  Do not let your child walk through the parking lot by him- or herself.
Thank you, Salaam, and have a great weekend!
Muniba Ali
ICN Full Time School
ptc coffee 2

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