From The Principal’s Desk

As Salaamu ‘Alaikum FTS Families,
Eid Mubarak!  We hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend and Eid Holiday.
Not a lot of news today, as this was a short school week, but here are some general reminders to make sure things continue to run smoothly as we head into the school year.
Side Door Dismissal
– All half day students will be dismissed (1:00pm) from the side door, facing Ogden Avenue. Parents and caregivers, please come to the side door to pick up your child
– Full day parents / care givers with infants who stay in the car only:  You may request side door dismissal by emailing the office at and including your child’s name and grade, along with a request for “Side Door Dismissal”.  Please continue to use the main door until you have gotten an email confirmation from the office.
Side Door Drop Off Request
– This is only for parents / care givers with infants who must stay in the car:  You may request morning side door drop off by emailing, with your child’s name and grade, and a request for “Morning Side Door Drop Off.”  Please note that you must drop off your child at the side door between 8:20 and 8:25.  It is not possible for us to accommodate you if you do not arrive within this 5 minute window.
General Pick up and Drop Off
– Please respect the safety of our children and families by always using the traffic route indicated at the Orientation (also attached).  Please do not use the handicap spaces without a permit.
Reporting Absences
Please report absences, and early pick ups / doctors appointments, etc. to the office by emailing and including your child’s name and grade.  Please do not text or call the teachers or office staff on their personal numbers.  Thank you!
Eid Parties in Classrooms (students only)
– Tomorrow (Friday), each class will have a special snack to celebrate Eid ul Adha.  We will also have some games inside each classroom, as well as goody bags, and face painting and mehndi stalls for our students.  Thank you to our teachers and staff for pulling these parties and decorations together in such a short amount of time!
Bus Service
Bus Service begins for Kindergarten on Monday, August 27th.  Bus stop timing and locations have been emailed.
First PTC Meeting
Thank you to everyone who submitted a PTC form – you are ones who will make these years shine for the children!  The first PTC meeting will be on Friday, September 7th.  Invitations will be sent via emails.
If you are interested but have not submitted a form, please email indicating your interest in learning more about our PTC.
Always non-uniform days.  Students can feel free to dress up for Eid this Friday.
Thank you and Salaam,
Muniba Ali
traffic map_LI

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