Principals Newsletter

As Salaamu ‘Alaikum FTS Families,
There was  a lot of excitement at school this week!  Monday we celebrated 100th day, today was Pre-K’s bake sale (Thank you to pre-K volunteers for a phenomenal job!), and tomorrow is ICN FTS night at Chuck-E-Cheese’s.  We even had a camera person at school today, filming us for the fundraising dinner video.  Whew – even though I’m not talking, I feel like I should be out of breath…!
But wait, there’s more…  Next week is Spirit Week.  It’s just a fun week for the students to show some school spirit. Details are in the Events section, below.
Since these days we are really trying to raise funds for the new school building, a display to track our progress might be helpful.  Next week, inshaAllah, we will put up a “masjid-o-meter” in the foyer.  For every $500 each class raises, they will get to add a golden brick to the masjid.  Remember, in addition to a donation, other ideas can help raise funds as well, such as corporate matching programs and crowd funding.  Every bit counts, and every du’a counts, too.
Upcoming Events
Feb 16
ICN FTS Night at Chuck E Cheese’s.  As a special treat, Chuck-E himself will visit our school tomorrow at 10 a.m.!  Our students will also get a coupon for 10 free tokens during the event.  The magic words to say before every purchase are “ICN Full Time School.”
Feb 19
President’s Day – NO SCHOOL
Feb 20 – 23
Spirit Week:
Monday (no school – Presidents’ Day)
Tuesday (Pajama Day)
Wednesday (Crazy hat or crazy hair day)
Thursday (Costume Day)
Friday (Popcorn and Movie Day)
March 2
Zainab’s toy store
March 3
ground breaking ceremony at 248th location (details to come)
March 10
ICN Fundraising Dinner
March 16
All School Program
Important Reminders
  • Pledge forms were sent last Thursday – Please email me or Sr. Farhana if you send a pledge form or donation with your child, to ensure we can safely retrieve it and track FTS funds.
  • New school name suggestions – we will be taking suggestions for a few more days, so feel free to email them in.  Thanks to those parents who already have done so!
  • Please continue to follow the traffic pattern and safe driving practices in the school parking lot.
  • A form is attached for anyone who has a business and would like to advertise in the ICN yearbook or the ICN Full Time School Yearbook.
Thank you and have a great weekend! Wassalaamu ‘Alaikum.
Muniba Ali
ICN Full Time School

Advertisement Form:


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