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As Salaamu ‘Alaikum FTS Families,
Are you ready for a fast paced spring?  Here’s what’s coming our way.
Upcoming Events
Feb 9:
Chuck-E-Cheese’s Fund Raiser – We are so proud to be raising funds for our new masjid, inshaAllah.  Please come out and support us by joining the party and inviting other family and friends to join us, too!
Evites have been sent to all FTS families today.  We would appreciate your responses via the Evite in order to have an idea of how many guests to expect.  Feel free to pass them on.
Feb 19:
Presidents’ Day – No School
Feb 20-23
Spirit Week – Stay tuned for what’s in store
March 10:
ICN Fund Raising Dinner – our students will perform The Beautiful Names of Allah on the Fund Raising Dinner stage, inshaAllah.  We hope to get a large number of students to participate in this.
March 15
All School Program – Mark your calendars!
ASP 2018 Spring Flyer
In an effort to practice what we teach about the rights of others upon us, we have adopted a cause for the year:  InshaAllah we are teaming up with Zakat Foundation to help provide food and shelter for malnourished (starved) and displaced Rohingya.  This Monday we watched a presentation about how Allah SWT may test some of us by giving us many material blessings, and He may test others by taking such blessings away.  If we are blessed with such bounties, then we should show gratitude by sharing and helping other less fortunate.  Those others can help us even more so, by making dua for us.
For the remainder of the school year, our Friday Sadaqah collections will be dedicated to the Rohingya cause.  Additional donations can be sent as cash or checks to Zakat Foundation through our school.  Please feel free to contact the office with any questions.
Important Reminders
– Sleeping Bags and bedding for nap students were sent home today.  Please wash and return these items by Monday.  There are so many viruses going around – we hope this will help in keeping everyone healthy.
– We are pleased that our new website was launched this week!  If you have not done so, please check it out at
Have a happy and healthy weekend!  Thank you and salaamu ‘alaikum.
Muniba Ali
ICN Full Time School


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